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Fall 2018 Jay Strongwater masterpieces are the result of months of diligent design and dedication. Brilliantly hand-painted enamels and Swarovski crystals bring these masterpieces to life in true Jay Strongwater style.

Sophia Floral Dining Table Sophia Floral Dining Table
  • $24,000.00 /PIECE
Gwendolyn Swan Figurine Gwendolyn Swan Figurine
  • $18,000.00 /PIECE
Josephine Floral Side Table Josephine Floral Side Table
  • $12,000.00 /PIECE
Ana Pineapple Box Ana Pineapple Box
  • $6,500.00 /PIECE
Georgia Bouquet Wall Art Georgia Bouquet Wall Art
  • $5,800.00 /PIECE
Gabrielle Rose Grand Vase Gabrielle Rose Grand Vase
  • $5,400.00 /PIECE
Steven Robot Clock Steven Robot Clock
  • $2,500.00 /PIECE
Amy Pave Lips Box Amy Pave Lips Box
  • $2,400.00 /PIECE
Vincent Iris Objet Vincent Iris Objet
  • $1,800.00 /PIECE
Gail Hydrangea 5" x 7" Frame Gail Hydrangea 5" x 7" Frame
  • $1,800.00 /PIECE