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View All Figurines

Each handcrafted Jay Strongwater figurine exemplifies a unique vision that is vividly portrayed with expert metalwork, enameling, and hand-set crystals.

Adelaide Leaf & Flower Mirror Adelaide Leaf & Flower Mirror
  • $26,000.00 /PIECE
Gwendolyn Swan Figurine Gwendolyn Swan Figurine
  • $18,000.00 /PIECE
Namoko Fighting Fish Figurine
  • $18,000.00 /PIECE
Monroe Tiger Head Objet
  • $16,000.00
    $13,600.00 /PIECE
    15% discount
Braque Dynasty Horse Figurine
  • $10,000.00 /PIECE
Ganesha Ganesh Figurine Ganesha Ganesh Figurine
  • $10,000.00 /PIECE
Shi Foo Dog Figurine Shi Foo Dog Figurine
  • $4,600.00 /PIECE
Yin Foo Dog Figurine Yin Foo Dog Figurine
  • $4,600.00 /PIECE
Rosemary Tulip Egg Objet Rosemary Tulip Egg Objet
  • $3,800.00 /PIECE
Mariah Orchid in Cachepot Mariah Orchid in Cachepot
  • $3,400.00 /PIECE
Yan Rooster Figurine
  • $3,000.00 /PIECE
Woodrow Bear Figurine Woodrow Bear Figurine
  • $2,800.00 /PIECE
Parker Tiger Figurine Parker Tiger Figurine
  • $2,500.00 /PIECE
Geneva Conch Shell Figurine
  • $2,400.00 /PIECE
Edgar Giraffe Figurine Edgar Giraffe Figurine
  • $2,000.00 /PIECE