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An elegant vanity is a dream come true. Stunning vanity products are timeless and can be passed down generation to generation. Bring a royal atmosphere to any home interior with Jay Strongwater Vanity masterpieces.

Kayla Flip Mirror Kayla Flip Mirror
  • $6,400.00 /PIECE
Floral Oval Tray
  • $3,000.00 /PIECE
Quentin Snake Bowl Quentin Snake Bowl
  • $695.00
    $521.25 /PIECE
    25% discount
Xavier Snake Box Xavier Snake Box
  • $650.00
    $487.50 /PIECE
    25% discount
Maya Anemone Tray
  • $295.00 /PIECE
Bette Eye Compact Bette Eye Compact
  • $225.00 /PIECE
Monroe Lip Compact Monroe Lip Compact
  • $175.00 /PIECE