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Find Your Masterpiece

Have you been eyeing a Jay Strongwater masterpiece? Are you ready to see how it fits into your home? We are now offering a “Look-see, risk-free” program where you will be able to test out any of our Jay Strongwater masterpieces for a 5-day trial period. During this trial period, a pre-authorization will be placed on your credit card, but you will only be charged if you chose to purchase the item. Your masterpiece will come with a pre-paid return shipping label should you wish the return the product. If you are interested in learning more about this program, or if you are ready to try out one of our masterpieces risk free, please call 1-800-640-0546. At this moment, the only way to participate in the try before you buy program is to speak to our customer service team. Available for customers in the United States only at this time.

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Ana Pineapple Box Ana Pineapple Box
  • $6,500.00 /PIECE
Georgia Bouquet Wall Art Georgia Bouquet Wall Art
  • $5,800.00 /PIECE
Gabrielle Rose Grand Vase Gabrielle Rose Grand Vase
  • $5,400.00 /PIECE
Yin Foo Dog Figurine Yin Foo Dog Figurine
  • $4,600.00 /PIECE
Essie Magnolia Wall Art
  • $2,800.00
    $1,960.00 /PIECE
    30% discount
Amy Pave Lips Box Amy Pave Lips Box
  • $2,400.00 /PIECE
Geneva Conch Shell Figurine
  • $2,400.00 /PIECE
Vincent Iris Objet Vincent Iris Objet
  • $1,800.00
    $1,260.00 /PIECE
    30% discount
Charlene Starfish Box
  • $1,800.00 /PIECE
Stanley Zebra Figurine Stanley Zebra Figurine
  • $1,650.00 /PIECE
Delphina Lily Objet Delphina Lily Objet
  • $1,600.00
    $1,120.00 /PIECE
    30% discount