Jay Feinberg is born in Woodmere, New York — a suburb of New York City.
(We'll explain the name change later!)

Jay is accepted at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

When Jay turns one, the family moves to Highland Park, Illinois.
At the age of 12, he returns to the Northeast with his family and settles in Montvale, New Jersey.

Even as a youngster, Jay exhibits artistic talent. He is encouraged by his parents and teachers to pursue his love of arts and crafts by learning weaving, macramé, painting, and metalsmithing.

During summer break between his sophomore and junior year at RISD, Jay — now a fashion major — convinces his mother not to purchase a pricey necklace at Bonwit Teller in New York City. He'd make her one instead!
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A few weeks later, one or two of these buyers called and asked me when my spring collection would be ready. I didn't even know there was another season — let alone a spring collection!

While home for Thanksgiving, Jay visits the prestigious New York City stores carrying his necklace designs.
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Using the remainder of his college tuition, Jay opens Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry in Ft. Lee, New Jersey, and increases sales to include leading stores; Neiman Marcus, I. Magnin, and Bloomingdales.

Jay is invited to design jewelry for Oscar de la Renta's runway shows. Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry receives editorial coverage in Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, and Harper's Bazaar.
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Harnessing the trend for bold designs, Jay's fashion jewelry business expands and flourishes.

Aligning with a large investor, Jay sells controlling interest in Jay Feinberg, Ltd., to finance potential growth. Less than a year later, the business relationship dissolves and Jay Feinberg, Ltd., closes its doors.

Jay and his family reopen the business
in a new design studio on 36th Street. Due to legal licensing issues, Jay is no longer able to use his name for the company. He adopts his mother's maiden name — an Anglicized version of the German surname "Starkwasser." Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry becomes Jay Strongwater.
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Minimalist trends in fashion and jewelry slow the need for bold chunky jewelry designs. Fashion jewelry becomes simpler, more delicate — using single-strand necklaces, sterling hoops, and semi-precious stones...

Jay is engaged with jewelers Dawn and Gregg Weingeroff of Weingeroff Enterprises in Cranston, Rhode Island, as a freelance jewelry designer.

Penny Feinberg passes away.

Former Bonwit Teller and Saks Fifth Avenue fashion buyer Shelley Meister joins Jay Strongwater as vice president of sales.

A serendipitous discovery
Jay, while designing a piece of jewelry, begins to manipulate various jewelry components. The serendipitous result: style 5100, Jay's first picture frame design.
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Jewels for the home
Jay designs several more frame styles and opens a booth: "Jay Strongwater — Jewels for the Home" at the New York Gift Show. In October, Jay ships the first few frame styles to Bergdorf Goodman and other stores.

Jay Strongwater partners with Weingeroff Enterprises and expands production in Cranston, Rhode Island, where expert artisans ensure the quality and design integrity of each handcrafted piece.

Marty Feinberg retires from Jay Strongwater.

Picture frame orders begin to overtake jewelry orders. As Jay's home collections flourish, he branches out into boxes and candlesticks.

Jay presents his last jewelry collection.
The company's focus shifts to the home collections.
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As the company grows, Mona Hirson — former vice president of Judith Leiber — joins Jay Strongwater as the first president.

Jay begins to build the Jay Strongwater New York City design team, led by design director Nazly Botas.

In recognition of his growing market appeal and unique designs, Jay Strongwater is featured in InStyle and People magazines.

Jay Strongwater launches its first beauty collection
Elegantly appointed lipstick cases, compacts, and perfume atomizers celebrate vintage Hollywood glamour. Fittingly, collection pieces are chosen to fill the coveted gift bags at the Academy Awards.
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The first Jay Strongwater boutique
opens in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring signature wrought-iron front doors encrusted with Swarovksi® crystals.
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In May, Jay is honored as a featured dignitary at the 200th anniversary of London's Chelsea Flower Show.
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The Jay collection is launched
Sleekly modern frame designs are cast in zinc and finished in sterling silver. Each features saturated colored enameling from front to back.
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In partnership with international agent Oleg Bibergal, Jay Strongwater opens a boutique in Moscow's prestigious Crocus City Mall.

Jay Strongwater further solidifies its relationship with Harrods by opening an in-store boutique on the second floor.

In honor of Neiman Marcus' 100th birthday, Jay creates two commemorative pieces: a limited edition peacock clock, and his first work in precious metals and gemstones: a spectacular — one-of-a-kind frame set in sterling silver and accented with 18-karat gold. Its removable floral brooch features a central sapphire
wreathed by diamonds and emeralds.

Jay chooses a dozen of his iconic home pieces
commemorating the past 12 years and produces
miniature replicas as charms. The collection is
launched exclusively at specialty retailers
and boutiques that carry Jay Strongwater.

Jay Strongwater opens its first U.S. in-store boutique at Regalo in Baltimore.

Jay Strongwater, in partnership with the Chalhoub Group, opens a boutique in Dubai's prestigious Dubai Mall.
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Jay launches the Hot House collection of picture frames and tabletop designs. "Hot House" is that enduring attempt to capture the beauty of a flower at its zenith, just at the moment before it begins to fade, in the twilight of its beauty.
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Jay joins Esteé Lauder in celebrating their ongoing partnership with Harrods by making a special appearance in London, presenting his newest designs for Esteé Lauder at a collector luncheon.
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Jay's New York team throws Jay a spectacular surprise party in honor of his 50th birthday. Past and present members of the Strongwater family come together for a Hollywood-themed party complete with a tribute video!

Jay presents the Mille Fiore collection. Each design is composed of multiple small flowers joined together to form beautiful figurines, frames, and vases.

Jay is deeply honored to have 18 of his designs featured at the Elizabeth Taylor auction at Christie's in New York City.
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Realizing the great potential for the Jay Strongwater brand, and the many new design areas he would like to explore, Jay forms a long-term partnership with Twin Lakes Capital.
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