All Details Matter

All Details Matter

Every day in our New York City design studio, we dream of new ways to enchant our collectors with exciting designs that showcase our love of handmade craftsmanship: stories unto themselves, with chapters on original sketches, prototypes, and over time, a beautiful ending.

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jaystrongwater@jaystrongwaterOur figurines are molded in pewter after being sculpted by an artisan’s hands in clay. From here, the figurine will be finished in 14K gold at our Rhode Island workshop. #process #stepbystep #jaystrongwater
jaystrongwater@jaystrongwaterA raw look at our Presley Antelope Figurine. The commanding twisting horns rise more than three feet high and more than 3,000 tonal crystals are added by hand by our talented artisans. #majestic #handpainted #jaystrongwater
jaystrongwater@jaystrongwater#beautiful #inspiring Picasso Ceramics @sothebys Attenborough Collection
jaystrongwater@jaystrongwaterThe texture of the bear's fur and an owl's fine feathers carved in metal, painted with enamel highlights and hand-set crystals. #jaystrongwatercraftsmanship #arrivingnow
jaystrongwater@jaystrongwaterA peek at our holiday decor from the Neiman Marcus Conclave! So many lovely ornaments and figurines for your home this season. #detailsmatter #jaystrongwater